Miami Web News is produced by John Dorschner, a veteran journalist who retired in 2013 after four decades with The Miami Herald. He can be reached at miamiwebnews@gmail.com. 

      When he has something to post, he'll tweet @johndorschner and post on facebook.com/miamiwebnews. 

      He is the author of Verdict on Trial: The Inside Story of the Cop Case that Ignited Miami's Deadliest Riot. Available on Amazon. More on the subject on his site Miami1980.com.

       He's also  a somewhat finicky restaurant critic, posting as John D. on Yelp, with strong leanings toward reasonable prices, prompt service and places that don't ask what fancy brand of vodka he wants in his martinis. 

   He is deeply, irrevocably anti-Trump. For a brief period, he posted anonymously on a site he created that he meant to be satirical: Retiredmediafortrump.blogspot.com. On election day 2016, he spent four hours canvassing for Hillary Clinton.
      From time to time, he posts videos, either news oriented ones, available HERE or pseudo artsy stuff HERE.

      He knows peace is always preferable to war. As much as he can, he tries to believe that God is present in every person.