Sergio Pereira — assistant county manager who spearheaded refugee issues, then went to White House to serve on Cuban-Haitian Task Force.

Maurice Ferre -- Miami mayor believes that the 1980 events caused the cit to shift its focus southward, to business with Latin America, as U.S. corporations started to avoid the area.

George Yoss — prosecuted the McDuffie cops at the lengthy Tampa trial. “The print media, particularly The Miami Herald, was perceiving facts and reporting them differently than what was happening in the courtroom.”

Ken Harms -- city of Miami police chief. 

Cesar Odio -- assistant city manager was a leader in dealing with the Mariel refugees.

Merrett Stierheim — county manager, forced to deal simultaneously with the two huge cataclysmic events of Mariel and the riots.

John Dorschner is doing an in-depth examination of the area in 1980 -- a watershed year of two catacyclismic events. Some experts say the events had to be related -- others say they had nothing to do with each other. He is doing video interviews with major witnesses in 1980 and conducting an extensive new examination of the trial of five police officers accused of causing the death of motorcyclist Arthur McDuffie or covering up details of his death. More information available at the website Below are just of the few interviews done so far.

Marvin Dunn — co-wrote the book “The Miami Riot of 1980.” He's convinced that the riots had nothing to do with Mariel..

Ed Carhart -- .attorney for Sgt. Herbert Evans in the McDuffie case. He was once top assistant of State Attorney Richard Gerstein, who preceded Janet Reno. He thinks prosecutors would have been better off going to a grand jury before indictment.